Implant And Abutment Level Impressions
Twist Lock™ Transfer Impression Copings

1. Restorative Dentist
undefined Select the proper Twist Lock Impression Coping by matching the EP« Diameter of the healing abutment and matching the color of the implant platform to determine platform diameter (see below). Remove the healing abutment from the implant using the Large Hex Driver. To help prevent accidental swallowing, thread floss through the spinner on the driver.


2. undefined Activate the fingers using the QuickSeat« Activator Tool. Place the Twist Lock Impression Coping into the implant, line up the hex and press firmly until feeling the tactile click.


undefined Place the Twist Lock Impression Coping on the implant and engage the hex.

undefined Thread the Twist Lock Impression Coping Screw into the implant until finger tight. Tighten the screw using the Impression Coping Driver.

3. undefined Radiograph the interface to verify complete seating of the coping on the implant. Place the film perpendicular to the interface of the coping on the implant or abutment.

4. undefined A custom or stock closed top impression tray is used for the Twist Lock Transfer Impression technique. Try in the tray to verify that there is no contact with the coping.

(External Hex Illustrated)


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